Youth and Young Adult Ministries

How we Serve

The Columbia Union is committed to
supporting and mentoring our conference leaders in helping youth and young adults in developing their faith, engaging in the mission of the church, and becoming the next generation leadership of the church.  One of the ways we attempt to model this is by including several young adults on our Union Executive Committee, giving them both voice and vote.  We also partner with conferences and other para church organizations in helping fund youth and young adults mission trips and compassion ministry opportunities.  

Getting in Touch

Columbia Union Youth and Young Adult Coordinator

Frank Bondurant, Columbia Union Youth
and Young Adult Coordinator
Office: (410) 997-3414, ext. 560
TBD, Columbia Union Public Campus Ministries Coordinator



Local Conference Youth and Young Adult Coordinators


Ramone Griffith, Allegheny East Conference
Office: (610) 326-4610, ext. 340

Joel Johnson, Allegheny West Conference
Office: (614) 252-5271

Kenia Reyes de Leon, Chesapeake Conference
Office: (410) 995-1910

Walter Cardenas, Mountain View Conference
Office: (304) 422-4581

Carl Rodriguez, New Jersey Conference
Office: (609) 802-0879

Jo Otinger, Ohio Conference
Office: (937) 741-0257

Todd Casey, Pennsylvania Conference
Office: (610) 374-8331

Williams Ovalle, Potomac Conference
Office: (540) 886-0771, ext. 1232


North American Division

Office: (443) 391-7232