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The Columbia Union Conference coordinates the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s work in the Mid-Atlantic United States, where 145,000 members worship in 863 congregations. We provide administrative support to eight conferences; two healthcare networks; 101 early childhood, elementary and secondary schools; a liberal arts university; a health sciences college; a dozen community services centers; 8 camps; 5 book and health food stores and a radio station.

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God is love, power, and splendor—and God is a mystery. His ways are far beyond us, but He still reaches out to us. God is infinite yet intimate, three yet one,
all-knowing yet all-forgiving.

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As we transition from 2022 to 2023, what will be our support as we go into the future?

All of us have areas in life we would like to improve, and as we reflect on 2022, maybe we have some regrets, in a relationship with God, or with others, or maybe there’s something else in your life you want to address.

Why not think of the Bible as a bridge to transition from the past to the new--from what was to what could be?


President Dave Weigley
Greg Rosenke/Unsplash

Editorial by Rob Gettys

This world is not our home. Most of us understand this biblical principle found in Hebrews 13:14 that encourages us to keep our sights set on the kingdom of heaven. The question we face is, “How do we properly maintain a balance between this principle and the message in Luke 19:13 that tells us to ‘occupy’ or ‘do business’ until He comes?”

These two biblical principles seem to contradict each other. However, as we look closer, I believe we will realize that it comes down to how we choose to live the lives that God has so generously given to us.

WGTS welcomes Leadership Development Program interns Emily Kreher and Julia Everett.

Story by WGTS Staff

The WGTS 91.9 Leadership Development Intern Program (LDIP) has entered its second year of training and teaching for university students. The program involves many operational facets of media ministry.

“It is important that we invest in young people through practical exposure and education, helping them explore the many career paths within media ministry,” says Kevin Krueger, president and CEO.

Spencer and Eva Hannah will be serving at Spring Valley Academy.

Story by Angela Peach

Spring Valley Academy (SVA) is pleased to welcome Spencer Hannah as the 2023–24 interim principal. With Darren Wilkins accepting the position of vice president for Student Life at Walla Walla University (Wash.) after 10 years as principal, the Board of Trustees faced the nearly impossible task of replacing him. But with Hannah retiring from College View Academy in Lincoln, Neb., in June, God led the board to offer him to fill the position.

Washington Adventist University theology and religion department students and staff take a retreat

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Last weekend, some 20 religion and theology students and staff from Washington Adventist University and Potomac Conference’s Sligo church—both located in Takoma Park, Md.— gathered for a spiritual retreat in Emmitsburg, Md.

Throughout the weekend, the group studied Mark 7 and enjoyed periods of silence with God. They also participated in a communion service together.