Women's Ministries

How We Serve

The purpose of this department is to partner with the local conferences in ministering to the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of every woman in the union. It is a resource for the conferences and the local churches seeking to encourage, challenge, nurture and empower women to use their God-given gifts and talents for His glory.

Getting in Touch

Columbia Union Women's Ministries Coordinator

Tamyra Horst
Office: (610) 374-8331
Email: thorst@paconference.org




Local Conference Directors


Cynthia Poole, Allegheny East Conference
Office: (610) 326-4610, ext. 311
Email: cpoole@aecsda.com
Shirley Benton, Allegheny West Conference
Office: (614) 252-5271, ext. 21
Email: bentons@awconf.org
Anastacia Ferguson-Bansie​, Chesapeake Conference
Office: (410) 995-1910
Email: anastacia@andrews.edu
Brittan Hewitt​, Mountain View Conference
Office: (304) 422-4581
Email: britth@mvcsda.org
Lilia Torres, New Jersey Conference
Office: (609) 802-0875
Email:  ltorres@njcsda.org
Heidi Shoemaker, Ohio Conference
Office: (937) 853-8468
Email:  wministries@ohioadventist.org
Tamyra Horst, Pennsylvania Conference
Office: (610) 374-8331, ext. 236
Email: thorst@paconference.org
Vacant, Potomac Conference

North American Division

Erica Jones, Assistant Director
Office: (443) 391-7265
Email: ericajones@nadadventist.org
Website: nadwm.org