Adventist Community Services

How We Serve

Adventist Community Services (ACS) Disaster Response is a service provided by Adventist Community services, the humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that works within the United States and Bermuda.

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About ACS Disaster Response

Mission Statement
The mission of ACS Disaster Response is “serving communities in Christ's name.”

What is the ACS Disaster Response Network?
The ACS Disaster Response operation comprises volunteers who form local disaster response teams that are organized by state disaster response coordinators. State disaster response coordinators and teams assist regional disaster response coordinators to respond to multi-state calamities. The national disaster response coordinator manages the national program.

The union coordinator manages the union program and the conference coordinators manage the conference program.

Who are ACS Disaster Response Partners?

ACS Disaster Response operates under a memorandum of understanding with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the American Red Cross and many state emergency management agencies. It is also a founding member of the inter-agency compact called National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster ( NVOAD) and the affiliated state VOADs.


ACS disaster Response offers a multi-step training to equip volunteers to effectively respond to disasters. Completion of the training modules qualifies volunteers as skilled disaster response workers.

Services Provided

ACS Disaster Response helps disaster victims, their families, and community through:

  • Community Collection Centers
  • Donation Coordination Centers
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Crisis Response Counselors


Getting in Touch

Columbia Union ACS/DR Coordinator, TBD


Local Conference Disaster Response Coordinators

Robert T. Smith, Allegheny East Conference
Office: (610) 326-4610 x315

Jerome Hurst, Allegheny West Conference
Office: (614) 783-6015

John Beliveau, Disaster Response Director, Chesapeake Conference
Office: (240) 687-3918

Ignacio Goya, ACS Director, Chesapeake Conference
Office: (410) 995-1910

Larry Murphy, Mountain View Conference
Office: (304) 422-4581

ACS Director, New Jersey Conference, TBD
Office: (609) 392-7131

Joseph Luste, Disaster Response Director, New Jersey Conference
Office: (609) 218-5651

Roy Nelson, ACS/Disaster Response Coordinator, Ohio Conference
Office: (740) 397-8337

Bill Rudolph, NE ACS/Disaster Response Coordinator, Ohio Conference

Jeanette Dare, ACS Director, Pennsylvania Conference
Office: (610) 374-8331

Bob Mitchell, Potomac Conference
Office: (540) 886-0771